One connect:amp is shutting down my network

I am having issues installing a connect:amp onto my existing sonos system. The amp will be the 8th piece on my system. Here's the problem: whenever i connect the locks up my network (i cannot access anything...internet on my phone, internet on my Mac, PC etc...). 30 seconds after I unplug this amp (it is connected with ethernet cable as the others), my network functions fine. I have trouble shot 3-4 times and it's definitely this amp that is causing the problem (after a lot of tests!). what do you suggest I do to fix the problem?
I may submit a system diagnostic (with the number of the diagnostic)?

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It sounds like one of your switches is blocking STP traffic. A loop is going undetected and a broadcast storm is taking the network down.

List the make/model of your switches, particularly the one serving the CONNECT:AMP.
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Ratty sounds correct.

If you plug it in power only and not to Ethernet does it work ok then?
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I will try to connect only via the wifi instead of via ethernet and i will give you the result.
Thank you.