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I have 2 set of speakers that rates 4 ohms each. I read that I can hook the 2 pairs in parallel to my CONNECT:AMP with an impedance switch. Can someone explain what are the consequences or limitations of using this impedance switch ?

Will the switch balance the impedance so I can use both sets at the same time ? What are the consequences on the quality of the output ?

Thanks in advance.

Robert Lespérance

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Hi rlesperance,

Sonos recommends 8ohms per speaker when 4 of them have to be connected to a Connect:Amp.
I have personally never received any feedback regarding such impedance switches, but as a Sonos agent I would not recommend to use it since we cannot guarantee how your Connect:Amp will work with it.
Thank you Yvain ... I read in this forum somewhere that I can use these impedance devices. I will have to find that information again, but I am sure that it seemed to work.