What should I add to my PLAY 5 ?

Just got a Play:5 yesterday. Like it, but I'm truely missing the stereo/soundscape aspect of a traditional stereo system. One speaker (even if the PLAY is stereo and loud enough) doesn't fill the room the same way.

So I'm wondering what I should do for the new step.

My room is approx 20' x 10'. I'm wondering if I should add a second PLAY 5 and have them both on one end, or if I should put the PLAY 5 on one end and a pair of One in stereo on the other end.

Other option would be to have another PLAY 5, but put it at the other end and keep both in stereo to make it fill the room more.

Until now, I had a traditional system with 2 pair of speakers playing at the same time. A pair on each side. I sit mostly in the middle and found that I like the immersive aspect of it.

Oh, and when you have multiple speakers, can you set their levels and EQ separatly or you have to do this for the entire group ?

What you guys think ?

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Hello Grey Skies,

for play music with stereo, you need 2 sonos.
2 sonos one or 2 play 5 .

Maybe for the room you need 2 play one.
For the dinner room you can play with the Play 5.